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Post Hurricane Yeast Question

Arthur Gregg <agregg@email.unc.edu>
Thu, 12 Sep 1996 14:24:26 -0400 (EDT)
I have been following and enjoying this list for a while now, and really
have found many useful tips and great recipes.  I know yeast questions
seem to get asked every other week, but I would just like an opinion about
whether my yeast suffered damage for the long run.  We just got our power
back on after 6 LONG days w/o.  I had SAF both in the freezer (the
large portion) and some in the fridge which I use on a regular basis.  It
was VERY hot and humid here while our power was off, and the basic info
being broadcast that things in your freezer would stay cold for 72 hrs. 
if you didn't open the door was NOT true.  We decided to check after 48
hrs. and everything was a stinky, raunchy, thawed mess!  That's another
story!  The yeast in the fridge I just left in the airtight jar, and the
freezer yeast I just left in its original bag which was also in a freezer
Ziplock bag.  It sat that way for the duration.  Do you think that it
will have suffered very much?  Love some input, and thanks in advance. 

Sally in NC, thankful to have power and air conditioning again, and to
             have suffered no real damage, just a few trees down