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Wet Dough

"steven.h.bergstein" <steven.h.bergstein@ac.com>
11 Sep 96 10:17:34
Andy K. in San Francisco wrote:

>Last week I started to make a sourdough loaf, but the dough wouldn't form
>into a ball, no matter how many tablespoons of flour I added. It would
>adhire to the top of the pan and then look like a tornado, turning and
>turning, and not go anywhere. Yes it looked like the tornado in "Wizard of

I've made a number of breads which do not form balls.  In general, I've found 
that there is no issue - the bread comes out just fine (I rarely bake breads in 
the ABM - I just use it as a special-purpose mixer).  The only thing that I 
need to be careful of is to put the wet, runny dough into a pan that will allow 
the bread to hold its form - not an unbearable standard to meet.  Typically, 
for me, this is a relatively shallow baking pan - the bread I'm thinking of is 
a focaccia.

Anyway if you really want a ball, you can add *a lot* of flour and, eventually, 
you'll get one.