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"Bill Hatcher" <bhatcher@gc.net>
Sun, 8 Sep 1996 10:57:27 -0400
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> From: bhaug@pclink.com (Bruce S. Haug)
> Subject: "Best" Recipe Prog for Windows (PC)
> Date: Mon, 2 Sep 1996 22:22:46 -0500
> OK Everyone,
> I'v been here for 9 months now.. what's a "good" recipe program to enter
> "MY own", or other recipes from the "bread-bakers" LIST into.. (read that
> keep track of). Program must run under windows 3.1X.. Do NOT need a
> program with a ton of recipes already "in it".. Just something to keep
> track of what I have..

The best recipe program I have ever seen is Master Cook.  The current 
version is MC 3, and it comes in 3 versions: program only on floppy(s) 
[hard to find here in SE VA), the CD Deluxe with lots of useless (to me) 
bells and whistles, and the CD Cooking Lite version (ditto).

There allegedly is a new version coming out this month.  Price (list) is 
about US$30 for floppy version and US$40 for CD.  It is available on 
occasion discounted.


Bill Hatcher
Southampton County, Virginia, USA