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New Owner ABM Questions...

"Andy K. in San Francisco" <scooter@global.california.com>
Fri, 6 Sep 1996 12:47:39 -0700 (PDT)
Hi Folks:
Last week I finally bought a low-end "simple" bread machine, Salton/Maxim
Simply Bread Machine (BB2T) with 8 settings. Well it may not be a Zoi 15A
but this is good to get along the learning curve. 

#1 Does anyone have any specific to this machine _hints and help_? So far
I'm doing fine...had to use the chop stick trick to get the paddle out a
few times (thanks! it works just fine.). 

#2 I thought if I am to follow the "Worldwide Sourdoughs from ABM" book by
Donna German and Ed Woods...I have to let the bread rise in the pan for 8
hours...I could be making and baking another loaf during this long rise. 

I called Salton about an extra paddle and bread pan. They wanted $7 for
the paddle and $28 for the bread pan. Seems a bit much (especially when I
bought the machine for $53.00 from Macy's on 50% closeout). Any other
sources than Salton for the paddle and bread pan? For $18 dollars more I
could have a 2nd machine (Yes, I am very addicted-type personality).

Last week I started to make a sourdough loaf, but the dough wouldn't form
into a ball, no matter how many tablespoons of flour I added. It would
adhire to the top of the pan and then look like a tornado, turning and
turning, and not go anywhere. Yes it looked like the tornado in "Wizard of

3) Is the any reason the dough did this? what could I have done to prevent
it OR deal with it (other than throwing the mixture back into the mother?
Which I did!). 

4) Are there any good suggestions for maintaining several strains of
starters at one time? Right now I have Carl's Oregon Trail, one from Baker
Bob's, one from Maggie of New Orleans, and I tried to start a wild one. 

5) Lastly, does the sourdough have any effect on the non-stick finish of
the ABM breadpan? Should I be letting the dough rise for 8 hours as
suggested in the little nitty gritty book on worldwide sourdoughs?

If you can respond to the group digest and cc: me a copy, I'd appreciate
it very much, thank you. 

thanks all, take care,

andy k. in San Francisco