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Re: Rice flour and oat flour

"Brian D. Ross" <rossbd@cadvision.com>
Wed, 04 Sep 1996 13:21:29 -0600
I have had some experience with oat flour, and can attest to some of 
the concerns that Kristin Cooper describes. The best results I have 
had are with the following recipe.

Oat Bread	(Large Loaf)

water		1 1/3 cup
butter		2 1/2 tbs
sugar		1/4 cup
gluten		1/4 cup
salt		1 tsp
oat bran	2/3 cup
oats		2/3 cup (flaked ones seems to work best)
oat flour	2/3 cup
bread flour	2 cups
nonfat dry milk	1/4 cup
yeast		2 1/2 tsp

>From : The Bread Machine Cookbook (#1) by Donna Rathmell German

It's a dense loaf, kind of grainy in texture, but the oat flavour is 

<<Brian D. Ross>>