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RE: Cost of ABM bread

leon.gerst@ccs.org (Leon Gerst)
Mon, 2 Sep 1996 04:26:00 GMT
Sat, 31 Aug 1996 Danny Dunn wrote:
Subject: Cost of ABM bread

Hi, don't have an ABM but think some of these numbers might be adjusted in
a different way...

>Several people have indicated that the cost of the ABM should also be
>included in the overall cost to make a loaf of bread.  Gene Haldas suggested
>a very reasonable way to do this by prorating the ABM cost.  For example, if
>the ABM cost $200, and you can make about 2000 loafs of bread with it, then
>$0.10 should be added to the overall cost of each loaf of bread.  Of course,

Perhaps you should consider using the average number of loafs you make a
month.  Then the number of years you want to write off the cost of the ABM.
This would give you a cost per loaf for the ABM...?

>I suppose that when considering the cost of a loaf of bread purchased at a
>grocery store, you should also add the cost of the gasoline used to go pick
it up (in my case about $0.60).

The $0.60 should be divided by the number of items you picked up on the

Just a thought...

Leon Gerst
Des Plaines IL