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Russian Black Bread

Myra Borisute <myra@ksc11.th.com>
Mon, 02 Sep 1996 19:41:52 +0700
Query:  Many years ago I had a wonderful recipe for Russian black bread.  It
made a dense, dark round loaf and the glaze was cornstarch and water.  I
think it came from one of the older Better Homes and Gardens Cookbooks
(published 1950's-60's).  I lost the recipe and the book - after reminding
myself time and time to write it down elsewhere (one never does that,
somehow, when a cookbook is ready to hand) and every other recipe for this
type of bread which I have tried is NOT the same - they come out too cakey
and not hard and dense enough.

If anyone can locate this recipe for me I shall be very grateful.

Thank you.

Myra Borisute
Bangkok, Thailand