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Cost of ABM bread

Danny Dunn <dandunn@flash.net>
Sat, 31 Aug 1996 11:57:29 -0500
Thanks to Bill Hatcher for listing his ingredient costs purchased in bulk.
This will give me something to shoot for the next time I go shopping.
Imagine, two pounds of yeast for $2.77 (i.e., about $0.014/tsp).

Several people have indicated that the cost of the ABM should also be
included in the overall cost to make a loaf of bread.  Gene Haldas suggested
a very reasonable way to do this by prorating the ABM cost.  For example, if
the ABM cost $200, and you can make about 2000 loafs of bread with it, then
$0.10 should be added to the overall cost of each loaf of bread.  Of course,
I suppose that when considering the cost of a loaf of bread purchased at a
grocery store, you should also add the cost of the gasoline used to go pick
it up (in my case about $0.60).

John Chovan pointed out a typo in my original post ($96.6 should have been
$0.966), and I noticed another rather humorous typo later.  I inadvertently
used ATM instead of ABM for "automatic bread machine."  Now I like to think
that I have a "full service" bank, but as yet they have not allowed me to
use their ATM to bake bread. :-)  

Last weekend I made bagels for the first time using Sarah's recipe described
in  V096.n017.4.  Wow, thank you Sarah!  They were great! 

Danny L. Dunn <dandunn@flash.net> Ft. Worth, Texas 
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