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Microwaved Bread!

Paradise ~REsurrected <Ausetkmt@cris.com>
Thu, 29 Aug 1996 21:24:52 -0400 (EDT)
got this recipe from EAT-L tonight and thought I'd pass it along..

~RE Ausetkmt


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>A friend of mine just passed this on to me, so I thought I would pass it on
>to you:
>Easy Microwave Bread
>This recipe makes a slightly dense, chewey, bagel-like bread in less than an
>hour with minimal effort.  The added gluten makes the bread moist while
>retaining a good crumb structure.  The honey and molasses give the bread a
>mildly sweet taste and a nice color.  Experiment with different flour
>combinations.  My favorite is 1 cup oat flour mixed with 2 cups white or
>whole wheat.  Whole oats, grains, dried fruits or vegetables can be added for
>3 C. bread flour (unbleached white, whole wheat, oat, rye or
>       combination of two or more)
>1 1/2 tsp. salt (more or less to taste)
>1 T. vital wheat gluten
>1 C. warm water
>2 tsp. molasses
>2 tsp. honey
>1 tsp. oil
>1/4 C. warm water
>1 1/2 tsp. yeast
>1/4 tsp. honey
>In a glass measuring cup mix together:
>1 1/2 tsp. yeast
>1/4 C. warm water (90-105F; should feel slightly warm when tested on
>inside of wrist)
>1/4 tsp. honey
>Set mixture aside and let it rise for several minutes.  Place the flour, salt
>and wheat gluten in a 4 cup or larger microwave safe bowl.  When the yeast
>mixture has risen sufficiently, add it to the flour.  In the same measuring
>cup measure 1 cup warm water, 2 teaspoons
>each of honey and molasses, and 1 teaspoon of oil.  Stir to dissolve then add
>to the flour mixture.  Mix together the dough, adding  additional water as
>necessary to work all of the flour in to the dough.  When dough is ready to
>knead, place a large jar of water in the microwave and heat on HIGH until it
>begins to boil (6-8 minutes).  While water is boiling, knead the dough
>(either in the bowl or on the counter).
>To bake, you can use the same bowl that you mixed the dough in, or use
>another microwave safe dish.  I like to use a lidded ceramic baking dish
>which I have preheated in the microwave by placing in it a small container of
>water and heating it at the same time as the jar of water.  If ushing a bowl,
>lightly oil it.  After kneading, place the dough back in the bowl or other
>baking dish, coating one side with oil then turning so that the oil side is
>up.  Place the dough in the microwave along with the jar of water that you
>previously heated.  Microwave on lowest power setting for 20-25 minutes until
>doubled in bulk.  Microwave on HIGH setting 6-8 minutes.  Bread is done when
>it springs back after pressing the crust.  Remove the bread from the
>microwave and invert the bowl to remove the bread.  If you prefer a browned
>crust, microwave the dough on HIGH 4-5 minutes then finish cooking in a 425F
>oven until nicely browned (if using a bowl in the microwave, invert the loaf
>onto an oven safe baking sheet).
>I imagine this dough could also be used as a pizza dough... especially if you
>partially bake it in the micro then finish it in the regular oven.
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