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Re: Kitchen Aid advice kneaded

Robin Carroll-Mann <harper@tribeca.ios.com>
Sun, 25 Aug 1996 22:13:54 -0700
Phil (philmguy@wwa.com) said:

>I'm happy to be the owner of a new Kitchen Aid mixer, but I'm wondering
>about the length of time dough should be kneaded with the dough hook.
>Kitchen Aid says 2 minutes, which I find hard to believe. Betsy
>Oppenneer's book recommends using the paddle for mixing, then the dough
>hook for 5 minutes, and Bernard Clayton recommends the paddle for mixing
>and then the dough hook using the same amount of time as you'd use hand
>I've always hand kneaded about 15 minutes and would think something
>approaching that would be reasonable with the Kitchen Aid, too.
>I'd appreciate advice from the Kitchen Aid owners out there.

I never bother with the flat paddle for yeast breads.  I find that the 
dough hook does a good enough job on the initial mixing.  After I have 
mixed together the initial quantity of flour with the yeast and other 
ingredients, I start gradually adding more flour.  When the dough ball 
cleans the bowl, I stop adding flour, except for a sprinkle or two if it 
seems sticky.  Once I get to that stage, I knead (on speed 2) for 7-10 
minutes, at which time the dough usually has the desired feel to it.  I 
don't think a full 15 minutes would be a good idea.  It *is* possible to 
overknead dough when doing it by machine, and the KitchenAid does knead 
more quickly than a person can.  As always, your fingers are the best 
guides.  If you've been hand-kneading all this time, then you know what 
well-kneaded dough feels like.  Stop now and then and check it.  

Hope this helps. 

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