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REQUEST***Hi Bill - Thanks So Much !!!!!!

Sun, 18 Aug 1996 19:18:59 PST
Hi Bill-
1. Can you "PLEASE" tell me if you have a recipe for a Chocolate Cherry
Bread made in ABM..or any other types of Sweet Dessert Types of breads, 

2. and if you have a bread file that has ABM recipes that you could post
, or send to me seperatly if it is too big for the list..Please Sir,
Thank You..

BTW, "ThankYou Thank You ThankYou" for suggesting that I go ahead and
take the plunge and invest in the ABM. Well I did !!! This past week I
bought one -
the Westbend Homestyle..

Folks it's Quite a good investment, at $115.00 from Target; and so easy
to use, as long as you avoid that first box of crap o bread mix they
It wouldn't even rise, but the very next day I made the most absolutely
beautiful loaf of Garlic Chive Wheat Bread. and then on Fridaynight  I
made 16 Cinnamon Pecan Rolls, that are basically mostly gone now.  I
also think this week I'll make some rolls and try the croissants which I
plan to fill with a myriad of fillings, like Pizza fillings, Turkey
Smoked Sausage Creole Style; and Veggies; Turkey and Cheese, and lots of
stuff that are grabbers to leave in the fridge for those fast lunches and
snacks better than that chips and ice cream crap.

For those who are gonna complain about the Praises..I will post the
recipe for the Cinnamon PecanRolls and the Garlic Chive Bread Seperatly
this week, as well as those ABM Croissants and Fillings...just to keep
the Kitchen Table Clean <s>
and free of nastie's

Again - Thanks A Million, and if you have the recipe could you please
post it to the lists and to me as well, since sometime I fail to get all
the list mail for some reason..

Thanks So Much, Yor Baking Buddy For Life..