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athonk@skypoint.com (Kenneth Athon)
Mon, 12 Aug 96 16:52 CDT
Thank you to all the people that administer and contribute to this list. I
have been reading these posts for several months. Since I especially
appreciated the recent thread on grinding your own grain (v.96, n30), I
couldn't resist any longer just saying Thanks! 

A while back ON ANOTHER LIST, someone wrote about hard crusts from ABM
bread. Extra-firm crusts made me switch from baking in the ABM to simply
mixing and first rise in the ABM. There were some suggestions about the
cause and solution to the problem - such as take the bread out earlier than
the programmed end of the baking cycle. Another contributor suggested that
the original writer should simply use a different recipe; this contributor
said that's what she did and now gets perfect crusts. However, she didn't
post her perfect crust recipe, so I'm asking her to share it with us and if
she responds I'll post it. 

In reviewing previous issues, I see where Tupperware-type containers are
often recommended for storing and freezing ingredients.  Earlier there a
question about obtaining Tupperware without attending a home party.
Tupperware distributors are listed in the white pages of metropolitan phone
books and they will refer you to a retail consultant in your zip code who
will sell you the product without your attendance at a demonstration. If
there is not a Tupperware listing in your white pages, you can all the
nationwide toll-free number for a referral: 1-800-858-7221. Tupperware
products have a lifetime guarantee as well. Tupperware has had a 1.0 pound
air-tight loaf keeper for some time and has just this month released a
taller version for 1.5 pound loaves.