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Yishay & Yaara <trophy@sover.net>
Sun, 4 Aug 1996 23:20:33 -0400 (EDT)
)I'm new to the list so please forgive me if this topic has already been
)discussed.  I'm getting ready to buy my first bread machine and would
)appreciate any advice.  I can get a good deal on the Toastmaster model (the
)one that also makes butter) and wanted to talk with someone who actually
)owns one.  Feel free to Email directly.  Also, I was wondering about the
)economics of baking bread using a machine vs. buying bread at the store.
)Can you really save money by doing it at home after buying the machine, the
)ingredients, the electric useage, etc.?

I have a Toastmaster machine (the 1194 model, not the one that makes
butter) and I am happy with it. I did have some trouble with bread sticking
to the pan, I was told to send the machine to the ocmpany for inspection
and just a few days ago I got a new one.
As to saving - I didn't calculate this in a very accurate way but if you
consider that 1. bread in the US is extremely expensive 2. when you buy
yeast in bulk you can save a lot (from my experience, bulk yeast costs 1/10
of Fleischmans jars) you end up with low cost good quality bread.