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Ron and Sheila Kimball <kimball@oz.net>
Sun, 04 Aug 1996 16:08:12 -0700
>From: t4v8f4jv@coastalnet.com (warywoda)
>Subject: machine vs feel, feel, feel
>Date: Mon, 29 Jul 1996 16:25:02 -0400
>     It was wonderful to read something that didn't portray bread machines
>as the be all, end all.  I love making bread by hand, and have developed a
>following for my bread.  I do things with dough that can't be done when it's
>inside that "magic box".  
>     With the olympics going on, we can see that there is something to be
>said for hard work.  Like the athletes achieving there medals, a golden loaf
>that is a result of my talents, hard work and prayer is much better than an
>over-yeasted, under-touched loaf.  
>     I love the recipes put out here, but I do always have to cut back on
>the yeast as I start from a sponge (and it never fails to work).  I would
>love to here from other bread makers who make their own bread.
I bake my own bread at least once a week, I just happen to mix the dough in
a machine!  I have had one failure in almost 2 years, compared to very few
successes pre machine.  I have 2 small children and a husband with 2 jobs,
so my time is much better spent than mixing an kneading.  I almost always
bake it in the oven, on a cookie sheet, no stone, no pan of water, no
misting, no bricks..., it is fabulous and is requested by all of our friends
when we go there for dinner.


>From: "Therese Klodnicki" <Terry_Klodnicki@msn.com>
>Subject: bread crumbs
>Date: Sat, 3 Aug 96 16:05:19 UT
>Does anyone know how I can make and store bread crumbs using my leftover or 
>stale bread.  I would like to have plain bread crumbs available similar to if 
>I bought them in the store.  I suppose I need to toast them.  Does anyone else 
>do this?

I have toasted them, sometimes I just slice it up and leave it out over
night.  I have a big ziploc in the freezer, I add all kinds of bread to it
and about once a month I use the food processor to make crumbs, I season
them, you don't have to, but anyway, I put parma. cheese, various herbs,
salt and pepper, drag chicken through it and bake or panfry, yum!  I also
use them in meatloaf.  I store them in a tupperware type container in the
Sheila and Ron Kimball
Trey 3/17/94 and Jacob 3/11/96