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Re: opinion on how bread is made

Mon, 29 Jul 1996 18:01:46 -0500 (EST)
Dear Jeffrey H.
    sounds like you are a talented and sincere baker. I hope I can help you
appreciate why people use breadmakers.
  It is true that nothing is comparable to making bread by hand and getting
feel for the liveliness of the dough.I been baking bread for over 30 years
for enjoyment and also for profit.I also have a kitchen aid heavy duty mixer
plus a bread machine!
  I post both handmade ( sometimes large quantity recipes! ) and
breadmachine recipes.
  While it it certainly true that" hands on" helps ascertain the liveliness
and "living quality" of the dough not every person is interested or perhaps
I should say intense in their bread making as you  or others may be.
  There is indeed a market for the bread machine for the disabled, the
the busy homemaker , the working parent and beg my pardon the lazy person as
well as the gadget collector ( me for one :) )
  I throughly enjoy this bread-bakers lists because all kinds of bread
recipes appear, machine as well as hand made recipes.
  The bread machine is a unique invention . Its amazing how much discussion
is generated on every single topic from recipe ingredients to parts of the
   People who freqent this list are being
 educated on all aspects and breadmaking and
 do get into the scientific how and whys and nitty gritty of
yeast baking. Some of them choose not to have a " white thumb".There is
nothing to feel sorry about either. Its simply their choice how they make
they make their
bread. IMHO, just let's enjoy our bread, no matter how we accomplish the
finished product!
  I wish you continued success with your baking and I do hope you understand
a bit why some people choose to use the breadmachine.

" Diversification is the spice of life "

Joan,"Flour Power"

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