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Sourdough Baking In Bread Machine -- Need Advice

Marcy Lawrence <marcy@j51.com>
Wed, 31 Jul 1996 22:34:28 -0400
Has anyone had success baking a soudough bread without using any 
commercial yeast, in a
bread machine?

I'm attempting this task using Ed Wood's instructions in "Worldwide 
Sourdoughs From Your
Bread Machine".  So far, all I have is a clump of dough not rising very 
well.  My

When mixing the starter and half the flour together for the 8 hour 
resting period, what
should the consistency of the mixture look like?  Is it better to place 
this mixture in
a proofing box to keep it warm?

What cycle should  I use on the machine?  I have a Panasonic 1 1/2 lb. 
machine.  I'm
using the Russian starter.

All advice is appreciated!