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suesam@usa.pipeline.com (sam hurwitz)
Wed, 31 Jul 1996 10:53:50 GMT
I think the digest is great and enjoy seeing it grow so quickly. 

I make a lot of potato bread both for our own use and for gifts.  Since I
always put caraway seeds into the bread I was constantly running out of it.
 My daughter, who believes in buying in quantity bought me a bag of it at a
baking supply store in Reading, PA.  Turned out she bought me ten pounds of
caraway seeds!  I thought that they would never be used up, but after
abaout 4-5 years they were all gone, and I bought another bag a few weeks
ago for about $19 at the same place.  I don;t remember the name, but it is
a large baking supply store around the corner from the Giant market next to
Allbright College.  The seeds seem to last very nicely in a plastic bag on
the shelf for that time period.  Sounds like a lot, but they certainly get
used up over the years. 

Keep up the good work.