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recipe: Portuguese Fried Dough

Tue, 09 Jul 1996 18:08:30 -0500 (EST)
  On Vacation I always stop at bakeries; so...
  Everytime I visit Provincetown Mass. I always stop by one of the oldest
  Portugese bakeries on the main street. As I peek in the window, there
  stands an elderly woman, pulling pieces of  dough from a hugh vat and
  frying the stretched out dough in another hugh pot of
  hot oil. When they are golden and puffed she shakes some
  promptly  with sugar. The aroma is heavenly and it is hard to resist
  buying them.
  Once in a great while I do prepare these treats. make sure your oil is
  hot enough for deep frying ( 360 to 375 degrees ) and drain on a brown
  paper bag or  toweling to blot any excess oil.

   MALASADAS( fried bread dough also know as " flippers " )

   6 c flour
   1 tsp salt
   1 c milk
   1 c sugar
   1 stick butter melted
   6 eggs well beaten
   1 pkg dry yeast
   oil to fry
   sugar for coating

   Place flour in a large bowl. add all remaining ingredients and mix to
   form a soft dough, knead smooth and elastic. Add more flour or liquid
   as required for proper dough consisitency.Cover and let rise double in
   a warm place.Punch down and let rise again. Pull off pieces of the
   dough,( as large as you wish making sure it fits in the frying vessel,
   giving room for it to puff and turn,) stretching
   it and set aside for 10 minutes. Fry in hot oil and turn only once. Each
   side should be golden. Drain on paper towels or on brown bags. May be
   eaten with butter and maple syrup for breakfast or roll in sugar and
   eat as a treat.
   Note: if you dont wish to go through all this trouble you can use
   thawed frozen white bread dough or make your own dough in the abm for
   either a white bread or sweet egg dough .
   There are many variations on this recipe. Some use many eggs which is
   common in Portuguese baking, and others use a leaner dough for the
   fried dough.

   Joan,"Flour Power"

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Joan,"Flour Power"

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