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sticking pan

Sun, 30 Jun 1996 15:47:53 +22311408 (EDT)
Hi,  My 7-month-old pan with my BreadMaker Plus holds half the loaf and
everyone comes out ripped.  I called the company and they suggested a new
one at $36.50 (1 year warranty on machine; 3 months on parts).  They also
suggested I season the pan (coat with canola oil and bake in oven on a
cookie sheet at 350 degrees for 15 minutes).  I tried the seasoning and it
helped but didn't solve the problem.  Baking is an unattractive activity
now since I don't expect any more whole loaves.  I have used a "Dobie" to
clean out the pan when a crust builds up...but the Dobie company says it
is safe to use on Teflon.

Any suggestions from sage readers?  Thanks.  Walt