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Bread machines in the Netherlands

"E. S. Chan" <eugenes@iiu.my>
Mon, 17 Jun 1996 13:31:21 +0800 (MYT)
Hello Peter Thompson, 

	If it is not too difficult to bring over, a U.S. machine will 
be perfectly usable with an inexpensive transformer. The savings from 
buying a heavily discounted U.S. model from a department store sale 
should certainly be enough to pay for a 600-1000 watt step-up converter.

	I bought my first-model Panasonic in Japan (110V) and have used it 
6 years in Malaysia (220V) with a Taiwan-made transformer. I often leave 
the whole set-up on overnight, on the timer setting, and while the 
transformer is hot to the touch, there never has been any sign of a 
problem. It can be ugly and clumsy, but those who gobble up the resulting 
loaves don't seem to mind.

					Eugene Chan