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Yeast and salt

"Carolyn Preston" <preston@cc2smtp.NRCan.gc.ca>
Thu, 13 Jun 96 10:23:39 EST
Regarding Pam Drake's question about yeast and salt:

I have a Black and Decker automatic bread machine.  The instruction manual that 
came with the machine has two important reminders regarding salt.  The first is 
that you must be very sure not to let the yeast touch the salt in the dry 
portion of your mix (I put the salt in the water or liquid part to avoid this 
altogether).  The yeast might be killed when it comes into contact with the dry 
salt (too high a concentration compared to the dough salt level).  The second is
that you must be very accurate in your salt measurements.  Too much or too 
little salt will cause the yeast to over-rise and possibly fade out or to 
under-rise, depending upon the quantity used.

Carolyn Preston
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada