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>A West Bend bread machine was part of the Christmas gift giving in 1994. 
>And what a great gift it has been.  Even the way that West Bend handled
>their recall last summer was done so very well.
>However, a problem (that I'm assuming you all have had or are going to
>have but I don't recall being mentioned here) that I do have is the
>increasing tendency of the loaf to stick in the pan.  
>The last episode was the loaf ripping in two.  Still delicious despite its
>unattractiveness.  The manual gives no advice as to remedial action which
>prompted a call to their 800 number.  Their advice?  Replace the pan. 
>Which happens to come with a new paddle!  West Bend seem to think this just
>a regular, justifiable part of machine bread making.
>Before I cough up the $50 that they are looking for (reality check here -
>about 30% of the cost of a new machine!)  I thought I would check with you
>good people.  Is it justified?  Is there another way?
>Thanks for your anticipated help.

TO: Allen Topp,   RE: A FORK IN THE ROAD(bread sticking in bread pan):

Try spraying your bread pan with a spray nonstick spray like PAM(paddle