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aa5458@freenet.lorain.oberlin.edu (AmyLynn Stotzner)
Mon, 3 Jun 1996 13:27:31 -0400
I wrote in several weeks ago looking for recipes for bagels as the ones I
have haven't worked at all.  They have come out looking more like spaetzels!
Since I haven't heard anything back, I thought I'd ask again.  I don't have
the ability to save digests, but I know that a few months ago there were
many recipes for bagels.  If anyone still has those, I would GREATLY appreciate

I am also looking for a recipe for ciabatta bread.  My in-laws were emptying
their freezer (moving) and gave us several loaves.  It was great, and I bought
some more when it was just on sale at the grocery.  However, I would much
prefer to make my own.  In my 10+ bread cookbooks, I can't find a recipe.

Thanks in advance!

AmyLynn Stotzner
Mommy to Alan Michael 30Apr94