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philby@netvision.net.il (Philip Barnea)
Mon, 20 May 1996 00:06:03 +0300
Shalom everybody,
       I have been lurking in the backround for a few weeks now reading the
different posts to the list.  Qiute a lot isn't relevent to us here in
Israel, but the receipies are great.  Here in our family, we all make
breads and the list has provuded us with many a happy (and fattening) hour
or so together.  I do have a queastion - where can I find a good recipie
for Beigles ( as in smoked salmon and cream cheese)?  Anybody with a good
recipie of who knows of a site on the net - please let us know.

And remember, if you are aver in the area, give us a call and drop in for a
cup of coffee and a thick slice of home made bread!!!


Philip Barnea
Kibbutz Bet HaEmek
Tel: 972-4-9960-592
Fax: 972-4-9960-520