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Sat, 11 May 1996 08:53:00 -0700 (PDT)

I am just getting to a bunch of back issues of Bread Bakers' Digest after a 
longish trip.  I was interested in the mention by Martha (issue 005) of an 
article in Gourmet Magazine on sourdough bread.  I would be more than 
grateful if some kind soul could send me a photocopy of this article (Gourmet 
Magazine is not readily available here in Colombia, particularly back 
issues), or even just the address of Gourmet Magazine where I might negociate 
a copy of the March issue.  Many thanks!

I'm getting to be a bit fanatical about sourdough.  The great frustration is 
the general lack of real information on the subject in any bread book I have 
seen (and I've seen a few).  I have recently discovered that there is a 
substantial literature on the microbiology of sourdough, though most of this 
is in German (which, unfortunately, I do not read).  There is enough in 
English for one to discover that most of what appears on sourdough in bread 
books is pretty much nonsense, or at least sorely incomplete.

And, Martha: go ahead and invest the time in sourdough.  Once you get used to 
it you'll be very reluctant to go back to "store-bought" yeast.

Best regards,
John Miles

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