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World's best knife

Thu, 9 May 1996 18:41:43 -0400
I have had a "Cutco" slicing knife for over twenty (20!) years  and it is
still sharp and cuts bread beautifully.  It has a 10 inch long blade with a
serrated edge which will not "wander" on you. The handle is shaped to fit
your hand.  The company will resharpen for free if you ever need it, but I
doubt you ever will!  I'm not sure of the cost today, probably in the $50
range but worth every penny.  You will never buy another slicing knife.  A
friend just got one after seeing mine and falling in LOVE.  Contact Wear-Ever
Aluminum, Inc., Box 3600, Chillicothe, Ohio 45601 and ask for information on
#1724 slicer.

I also have their steak knives, paring knife and boning knives, all terrific!