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Hitachi problem

Bob Jones <bjones@bdt.com>
Mon, 06 May 1996 21:32:55 -0700
My Hitachi HB201B machine has been making hockey pucks for months. I have
tried everything without finding the problem.... 

I have....
used different yeast, different flour, less salt, less sugar, added gluten,
and on and on!

here is an example of a failing simple recipe..

14.5 oz flour (I always weigh for accuracy)
1 1/8C warm water (80deg f)
2T sugar
1.5 T butter
1.5t salt
1.5T dry milk
3t yeast fleishmans active dry yeast

* I have checked the temp during rise... its about 80-85 deg f
* I have relubed bearing in base of unit, it was hard turning, but now its
very free.
* I have checked timed steps, they seem accurate.

I am stumped! I think it has to be the machine, but I can't figure out what
or point my finger at anything wrong with it.

Has anyone seen this machine fail in this particular way or have any other
Incidently, the failures started by the loaf rising up to the top of the pan
then falling about a year ago. I gave up, put it away and I'm back fighting
the thing again....this go around I can't get a loaf to rise to even 1/2
pan!I got enough hockey pucks here to start a team! The birds all way about
50 pounds from all the bread!

Thanks for any help anyone can give,