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Zoji avail. in Canada and where?

"Brian Ross" <bross@angnet.com>
Mon, 06 May 96 08:02:17 mst
     I'm pleased to finally have something to contribute to the digest. I 
     found the entry from 'ardee@inforamp.net' about not being able to find 
     Zojirushi machines in Canada.

     I purchased mine (also an S15A) from a local health food store.

        Hill's Pantry
        7640 Fairmont Drive
        Calgary, Alberta, Canada
        T2H 0X9

        (403) 258-1337

     They're head office is in Lethbridge, Alberta at 1269 - 2nd Ave. South 
     (403) 320-7227

     If Zojirushi is saying that the machines are not available in Canada, 
     I expect these people are importing from an American distributor. 

     They really are the best machines I've come across so far. Well worth 
     the extra expense.

     Brian D. Ross (bross@angnet.com)