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Old Fashioned Bread

David & Pat Hawn <dphawn@iquest.net>
Sat, 4 May 96 06:45 EST
Hello all...I've decided to unlurk!!!  I've been watching you all for a long
time now and I've decided to ask a question.  How do you convert the bread
machine recipes to hand made (throw it on the counter and knead it well)
recipes?  I don't have a bread machine, but you folks are posting some
pretty interesting recipes!  Also, is there a mailing list for people
without a bread machine?
When my motherdied, she left me her recipe file box and the other day I
found a recipe I wrote when I could hardly print!  She faithfully copied it
to make it more legible and sent it to all the relatives!  So I guess I've
been baking for a long time.
I will sing to you, Lord!
I will celebrate your kindness and your justice.  Psalm 101:1