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King Arthur Comments and a Recipe

Cherie Ambrosino <Cherie_Ambrosino@cch.com>
2 Apr 96 10:54:47
Hi all - I got my [exceedingly huge!] shipment from King Arthur last week and 
have managed to try out a few things - 
-My new lame is nifty!  More fun than necessary - I was using a utility knife 
[with a razor blade in it - is that what its called?] but the lame looks more 
-The butter flavor powder I ordered smelled like butter but when I added it to 
the biscuits I didn't taste any difference!  I also ordered some others, 
including cheddar cheese and creole tomato - I'll let you know how they come 
-My new baking pan is terrific!!  I bake by hand [although this would be fine 
if you bake in the oven and mix and knead in a machine] and I've discovered 
that many of the recipes I come across are in the 4-5 cup of flour range - 
making this into two loaves - my pans were too big!  When I found the 
explanation in Clayton's book I realized why I was having rising problems in my 
"loaf" pans with certain bread recipes [they were fine with 3 C each, but 2-2.5 
were too little]  I didn't want to buy all new pans only an inch or so 
different so I had been baking round loaves on my pizza stone - however it was 
hard to make sandwiches from that shape [hubby and I are brown baggers].  The 
catalogue had a great pan - the sandwich pan [surprise!] - made by ecko - 
nonstick and heavy , its an extra long loaf pan made to holde 4-5 cup of flour 
recipes [not total dough - just flour component] I tried it out and it worked 
perfectly!  Great high loaves which "looked like real bread!" as my husband 
wonderbread lover said.  
-I tried the "new" strain of white whole wheat flour which is supposed to have 
all the nutrition of regular whole wheat without that whole wheat bitterness.  
I tried it out and so far it does seem to be an improvement : it still makes a 
brown bread, and when I used it exclusively in a loaf [with some extra gluten 
of course] it came out noticeably less bitter than my previous 100% whole wheat 
loaves which caused me to stop making 100% whole wheat bread!  I also used it 
to make my favorite biscuits [adapted from one of the recipes in The Complete 
Book of Bread - Clayton] which is an extremely easy last minute recipe: 
2 C Flour [up to one C whole wheat]
1/3 C shortening
1 and 1/4 C milk [buttermilk can be substituted - I use skim]
1 tsp salt
4 tsp sugar
4 tsp baking powder

Cut in shortening and mix ingredients lightly [till lumpy] - drop heaps [1/4 to 
1/3 C] on sprayed or nonstick baking sheet and bake at 500 for 8-12 minutes - I 
fork split them like english muffins - yum!

I've also made up batches using milk or buttermilk powder to give to 
"noncooking" friends as a just add water and bake recipe - they love it!

Happy holidays to all if its your season - if not - happy spring!  Cherie