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"Angie Klidzejs" <a-klid@maroon.tc.umn.edu>
Mon, 1 Apr 96 09:44:57 CDT
From: Penchard@aol.com
Date: Sat, 23 Mar 1996 15:04:17 -0500
Subject: Whole Wheat Berries

I have two questions for all you bread bakers.  First, has anyone used their
Kitchenaid Mixer with the grinding attachment to mill whole wheat into flour?
 Or would I be better off buying a seperate grinder?

And second, where can you purchase the whole wheat (berries?) to grind?

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I use my KitchenAid mixer along with the KitchenAid grain mill.  It grinds 
very well.  A possible drawback is that the grain mill can only grind one 
pound of grain at a time (a hopper-full); the mixer then needs to rest for 
45-60 minutes so that the motor doesn't burn out.  The type of grain mill 
you want to get is probably dependent on the quantity of grain you're 
intending to grind up.  The other idiosyncracy of the KitchenAid grain 
mill is that if it's not perfectly aligned and tightened in the mixer's 
attachment area, it will flip over to one direction and dump all of your 
grain out onto the kitchen counter, floor, crevices, etc., etc.

The KitchenAid grain mill seems to be much less expensive than other 
brands. If you decide to purchase a KitchenAid grain mill, shop around.  I 
think that KitchenAid's retail price is about $145-150.  I've never bought 
anything from the company called "A Cook's Wares" but their winter-spring 
1996 catalog advertises the KitchenAid grain mill at a sale price of $116 
+ $11 shipping & handling.  Their address is 211-37th Street, Beaver 
Falls, PA 15010-2103; telephone (412)846-9490.

King Arthur Flour Bakers' Catalog sells a nice variety of whole grains for 
home use; they're somewhat pricey though.  If you have a co-op near you, 
you can probably find most of the same grains for less money.

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