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Re: Whole Wheat Berries

Stacy Hansen <schansen@pacificrim.net>
Sat, 30 Mar 1996 17:26:35 -0800
>I have two questions for all you bread bakers.  First, has anyone used their
>Kitchenaid Mixer with the grinding attachment to mill whole wheat into flour?
> Or would I be better off buying a seperate grinder?
>And second, where can you purchase the whole wheat (berries?) to grind?

I have had my Kitchenaid for about 15 years.  We have also had the grain
grinder and pasta attachments for about that long.  
We grind all of our own grain with it and have had no reason to purchase a
separate grinder, so I would encourage you to save counter space and just
use the Kitchenaid. 
We buy our grains in bulk (25 or 50 pound bags) from either our local food
co-op or our local flour mill.  You can also mail order grains.  One source
is Gold Mine Natural Food Co.  To order a catalog call 1-800-475-3663.  You
might also try Health Food stores and even some of the larger grocery stores
if they have a bulk section or "health food section".
We store our grains in 5 gallon food grade buckets and grind up about 5
pounds at a time.  Works out great.  Don't limit yourself to just grinding
wheat. There are many other grains.  One of my favorites is getting corn and
drying it on the cob.  Then remove it from the cob and grind it.  Major
difference between this and the corn meal you buy.