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Sat, 30 Mar 1996 08:43:35 -0600 (CST)
I have been on this list for a little while and I love it. So far, what 
bread I make is done by hand, but I am considering buying a bread 
machine. I have read some of the remarks about different machines, but it 
seems like the Zo is the most popular. Now, the questions. Will the Zo 
make a heavy bread such as rye, with little bread flour? Are there 
different models of the ZO? If yes, which would you all recommend. I know 
they are probably the most expensive, but when I buy I want to make sure 
it will make the bread I am accustomed to making. Thanks for your help. 
Also thanks for the person in Canada who told me about the different rye 
flours. Unfortunately, my health food store does not carry this and is 
also not aware of different rye flours. But I will take this article to 
them and see if they can order something. Thanks Rita

Rita Owen
Springville School K-8
Henry County, TN