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re: baguette pan / malt syrup

Mon, 01 Apr 96 09:42:23 EST
     From: mpayne@MORGAN.UCS.MUN.CA (Michelle Payne) 
     I have a great recipe for french bread, but it says to bake it in a 
     baguette pan. I have no idea where I can get a baguette pan, here in 
     Newfoundland, Canada.

     From: Dave Austin <daustin@smart.net> 
      ques. re: malt syrup

     I have a question re: what malt syrup is and where it can be 

Hi all,

Both of these items can be purchased mail order through King Arthur 
flour in VT.  1-800-827-6836.

The malt syrup is usually used during the boiling phase of bagel 
making to add a glaze to the exterior of the bagel.  Two tablespoons 
of sugar can be used instead.  Just in case you need your bagels 
before you get your malt.