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Anadama Bread

Melissa Moore <mcm@ccstaff.cc.ukans.edu>
Mon, 25 Mar 1996 14:12:01 +0000
Does anyone have an abm recipe for Anadama bread?  In case 
you know it by another name, it is a cornmeal and molasses 
bread.  It makes wonderful toast.  I have a recipe that 
I've had for years and years and, before children, I made it 
quite frequently.  Now that I am rarely home, I would like 
to find an abm equivalent.  I did try once to modify my 
original recipe.  Yikes, what a mess.  It rose and stuck to 
the little window on the top of the machine.  It overflowed 
and baked solid so that the metal pan handle was baked into 
the loaf and the whole thing was baked into the machine.  
It has really punished me from trying to modify recipes!

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