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re: Help! - Yeast Question

amy@best.com (Amy Kurtzman)
Sat, 23 Mar 1996 10:10:22 -0900
>I'm a new bread machine owner and all this talk of yeast has me
>confused and I think I'm goofed on my latest purchase.  I headed off
>to Sam's after hearing after the good deals on yeast there.  I
>purchased two 16 oz. packages of Red Star Instant Active Dry Yeast
>for $3.46.  I thought I got a great deal until I got into the car and
>began to read the label which says "for food service".  Have I bought
>yeast that I can't use in my bread machine?  It has this lengthy
>conversion table on the side which makes no sense to me but I think
>the fact that it's "instant" active dry yeast is important.

The yeast you bought is just like the stuff that you buy in the supermarket
in the little strips of 3 packets. I think it says food service because of
the large size package. Don't worry about that conversion table. I don't
have the packaging any more, but I recall it was to convert between fresh
and active dry yeast and thought it looked useful for food service bakers
who were modifying their recipes.

I buy this yeast also and use it in my bread machine.  It keeps for a long
time and is way cheaper than the strips even if you end up having to toss
some. You do need to transfer it to airtight containers after you open a
package of it. I store the bulk of it in the freezer and then have a small
container of it in the fridge for day to day use. That way you only have to
open the main container for the occasional refill of your small container.
Occasionally I test the yeast to make sure it is still good by mixing a
tablespoon of yeast with 1/2 cup of warm water and a teaspoon of sugar in a
measuring cup and letting it sit about 10 minutes and then checking for a
bubbly foamy mixture that is doubled in volume.

Just make sure that the packages you buy at the warehouse clubs are brick
hard. If they are loose and you can shake the package and hear the yeast
move around, the package has lost the vacuum seal and won't be as fresh as