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Canadian all-purpose vs bread flour

Mon, 11 Mar 1996 10:33:55 -0400
Hi everybody,

I just read in my Canadian Living (and they surely wouldn't lie :-) ) that
Canadian grown/milled flour has a high enough protein content that you don't
need to use bread flour in your baking.  I (yep, a Canadian) have always
used all-purpose flour rather than bread flour for hand and machine-made
breads and results have always been fine.  So I thought I would pass that
info on...therefore, if you are Canadian and are buying bread flour, just
for fun why don't you try the all-purpose and see if you like it.

In fact, Canadian Living even said that Italy imports our durum flour, due
to it's higher protein level, to make pasta, for those of you with pasta
machines (and I truly am jealous if you do have one). 

Have a super day

Mindy Vinqvist