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lefsa!, dak machines

Tue, 27 Feb 1996 23:45:39 -0500
My first remarks are to Kerry regarding Dak . I have a Dak bread machine
It was made by Welbilt, not Dak and I'm certain your friend can get a paddle
from that company. My machine is round and has a very high see-through dome.

Regarding LEFSE: I am 100% Norwegian and grew up on lefse. In the midwest it
was made by sweet little ladies who packaged it at home and sold it by word
of mouth or in  smaller markets. Several members of my family could make it
and I fortunately have a very good recipe from a cousin. It takes practice
and patience but it is well worth the effort.


4 cups of riced or mashed salted potatoes (NOT PACKAGED POTATO BUDS)

11/2 cups flour (NO MORE)
2 T. melted butter
2T. melted shortening

Add the shortening and butter to the potatoes FIRST. You do not want to add
too much flour, barely 11/2 cups total, so I usually add  about half that and
use the rest to roll it out as that is the most difficult part.  Work into a
smooth dough and divide into balls about golfball size. (This depends on the
size of lefse you want.) Keep the balls in the refrigerator while rolling
dough because it rolls better if cool. Cool the balls for at least an hour
before you start rolling them.

The rolling is the tough part. As I said, keep the dough cool, flour the
board well and roll the balls out as thin as you can. You need to be fast .
Some people use a floured cloth on which to roll. You can buy long wooden
paddles to transer the "crepe" to a griddle. At any rate,transfer the "crepe"
to a hot griddle--teflon helps. Cook at about 425 until it begins to bubble,
turn and cook until it bubbles up from the griddle.Remove and let cool. 

It really takes a lot of practice to make lefse. It ends up to look a lot
like a tortilla but that is where the likeness stops. Lefse is used  much
like bread. It is buttered and rolled up and eaten with the meal. Another way
is to put butter and  mayonnaise on it, roll it around meat and eat it like a

Good luck!