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Desem bread, #67

"Miles, John W. (3672)" <J.MILES@CGNET.COM>
Tue, 27 Feb 1996 09:17:00 -0800 (PST)
In reference to Paula Countryman's query in #67 about desem bread, it appears 
that there has been no response as yet.  While I do not follow the Laurel's 
Kitchen Bread Book recipe to the letter, I believe that I do in spirit.  I 
have yet to take the plunge to 100% whole wheat flour.  I use half white
and half whole wheat.  I add other whole grains - rolled oats, cracked 
wheat, corn, barley, rice.  These I soak, cook in a double boiler, then 
ferment for 12 hr or so with my sourdough culture before adding salt, 
additional water, and flour.  Kneading is by hand (of course).  It is a 
longish process, but the result is satisfying.

Paula's reference to the Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book is the only one I recall 
seeing in this list.  Does no one else use it?  I suppose it is for "purists" 
(or the stubbornly old fashioned) only.

Best regards,
John Miles
(Cali, Colombia)