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Re: Hint for Busy Folks!

marcy@j51.com (Marcy Lawrence)
Mon, 26 Feb 1996 21:16:30 GMT
Re:  Bev's great hint for pre-mixing dry ingredients and storing in a zip-lock 
bag (digest volume #74) ... Bev, I've been doing just that for about two years 
and I agree that it is a wonderful idea.  I've taken it one step further... I 
own a "Food Saver" vacuum packer.  I make up a few bags, line them up and
when I 
bake bread, I'll also make up a few "mixes", vacuum seal the bags, write the 
name of the bread and the ingredients to add with a permanent marker on the bag 
and toss in the freezer.  I usually "forget" to defrost the mix in advance, so 
open the bag, place the mix on a plate and microwave for about 30 seconds to 
warm it up before placing in the bread machine pan.  The mixes are also a nice 
gift idea for friends who have just bought a machine and are still using only 
the recipe book that came with the machine!