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nuggethead of the week award

"Jackson, Mandy" <mjack@usia.gov>
Mon, 26 Feb 96 8:53:27 -0500
greetings from a  long-time lurker!

well, i give myself the nuggethead of the week award.  my chocolate chip 
bread loaf came out a little smaller than usual, so i figured the crust 
was harder because of that.  i didn't even check to see if the blade was 
still in the machine.  so there i was, slicing away in my bread slicer, 
when i realized i sliced the kneading blade in half.  i called zojirushi 
and explained my story, and they said they would send me a new blade.  8 
weeks is a long time to go without making bread!  so i'll do it the other 
way.  moral of the story - check pan before slicing bread!  i hope others 
learn from my stupid mistake.