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Texture improvement for corn bread.

Sun, 25 Feb 1996 22:21:14 -0800
I wonder whether you might have some thoughts about this. Since 1938 I have
been struggling to make the best-of-all-possible corn breads and as yet I
have not succeeded! I'm talking about the simple, lowly 1 cup of
all-purpose plus 1 cup yellow corn meal (with variations in ratio) and with
baking powder rather than yeast (plus milk, sugar, salt.) But this
combination and slight variations from it always yields crumbly bread. The
two most perfect corn breads I've found so far in life (one found in
Indianapolis, Indiana the other in Bozeman, Montana) not only hold together
but are a wee bit chewy as well...a quality that I like very much. I
haven't the courage to ask restaurant bakers for their trade secrets.

How to make it chewy? Would wheat gluten help me here? Gluten flour, as
such, is not the answer so I found. Sincerely, Bob Hosley <Tario@mcn.net>