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bj29@mirage.skypoint.com (bjjan)
Sun, 25 Feb 96 07:42 CST
Linda Rehberg was kind enough to send me some "bread sites" . There seem to
be so many of us who "are surfing the net" these days that I thought maybe
you might want to see some more sites that I have checked out from the list
she gave me.
   This one has 29 Bread recipes...I copied them all last night..whew!
http://www.webcom.com/~stannet/bread/  (just mentioned in digest)
   This one offers a newsletter for $12.
   This one has recipes from Bread Machine Bounty
   This one only tells aobut their Spent Grain Baking Co. bread mixes
http://www.proaxis.com/~pudljmpr/webbread.htm  (no "l" on the end as most do)
    This one is Weber's Bread Pages with some Recipes
    This one is FULL of bread machine recipes...many, many, many of them!
Bev in Mn