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Australian bread, known as Damper

Sat, 24 Feb 1996 10:26:59 -0800
In my 8-year-old son's class at elementary school each kid gets to bring in,
when it is their assigned week to do so, a sample of bread from some specific
region of the world, preferably with some explanation.   Being three parts
New Zealander myself, and since we visited Australia and N.Z. last year, I
thought it would be good to do bread from that region.   While browsing the
Web I came across a Perth (Australia) restaurant, with an email address, so
wrote to them explaining the problem and asking if they could send me a
recipe for Damper, which is the name given to a variety of bread cooked by
outback travellers in the  ashes of a camp fire.   The name derives from the
word "damper" meaning something that satisfies appetite, as in a snack.

Here's Terry's response to that email I sent.....
(The bread I made using the DAMPER 1 recipe, using Wicked Pete's Ale, and
whole wheat flour with some baking powder mixed in, tasted really good)

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From:  terry@netfx.com.au (Terry Lewis)
To: MikeMayo@eworld.com

DAMPER 1        provided by Craig - executive chef at Danekas Cafe
Restaurant. ( in Perth, Australia )

Ingredients:    2 cups self raising flour
                pinch salt
                1 teaspoon sugar       
                approx. 1/2 cup water or beer


Sift flour, salt and sugar; mix in enough water (or beer) until a dough
forms; knead 5-10 minutes; mould into round form; score across top of dough
with a sharp knife; dust with a little flour and bake in a hot (180 C) until

DAMPER 2        bushies recipe!

Take one bag of flour and one can of beer, mix thoroughly and bake until

Hope the damper turns out right and the kids enjoy this little touch of Oz!


Terry Lewis
NetFX Internet Services
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( Terry wrote, later, that the recipe is said to work only with Australian
beer! )
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