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Lost Zoji book

"Molison, Ann" <admolis@iastate.edu>
Fri, 23 Feb 1996 11:50:58 -0800
Hi bread bakers.  I received a Zoji (15) this Christmas from my husband. 
 (He didn't know about the order by phone and thus paid dearly for it.) 
 Last weekend, after using my instruction manual which gives recipes, I  put 
it down and fear I must have done so on top of the Sunday paper and now it 
is gone.  Does any one have a suggestion as to how I could replace it?  I 
love many of the recipes in it and have found they are as reliable as any I 
have found in books I have borrowed or taken out of the library.  Thanks to 
the wonderful contributors to this list, I have picked up a few recipes and 
tried them with good and often great success.

One problem - however.   Every time I use molasses my breads don't raise! 
 They are half their size and awful.  The molasses I have is dark and I 
think the brand is Bear Rabbit (or something like that).  (I have never been 
into brand names and can't remember one from another.)  As I am new to bread 
making - I follow the recipes to the nine and always measure carefully. 
  Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions.


Ann Molison
Ames, IA  50014