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Hint for Busy Folks!

bj29@mirage.skypoint.com (bjjan)
Mon, 19 Feb 96 21:53 CST
To save time.......
Just line up about 5 or 6 ZIP-LOCK type bags on the counter.
On the outiside of each bag write the name of ONE of your Favorite Breads.
Also write the amount of water and yeast required for that recipe.
Fill each baag with the amount of flour, salt, etc. required.
Zip the bag shut and pop in your refrigerator or freezer.
....when you are in a rush to make bread, just open a bag, dump the
contents into your bread machine, add the water and yeast....set the
machine and push start! What could be easier, with less mess??  (It is
better is you can plan a bit ahead so you can warm up the flour....like
take a bag out the night before you want to use it.... or leave one on the
counter and the rest in the freezer)
When you get organized, you can have many different kinds on hand....a
little variety?  ---if the recipe contains oil or honey, no problem, just
place it in the middle of the flour along with the other ingredients. Bev
in Mn (aka ClayCooker)