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many thanks

Angela Fox <bford12@indiana.edu>
Sat, 10 Feb 1996 22:04:23 -0500 (EST)
I recently received a new Zoji and want to share my enthusiasm for it.  I 
am so impressed with the machine for many reasons.  First of all it is so 
quiet even kneading a very stiff whole wheat dough.  I can't hear it 
unless I am right near the machine.  My other machines sounded like they 
were building a house kneading the same type of dough.  I also think it 
does and incredible job at kneading the dough effectively.  I love the 
programmable feature and use it often as I am tailoring a recipe or 
having to start the kneading over to add more of something - like 
forgeting to add the dried fruit.  The machine bakes a beautiful loaf!

Many thanks to Irwin Franzel who makes the machine available at such a 
great price and includes expert advice and help whenever needed.  He is 
also very patient with novices like me.  I have learned so much from him 
in the few times I have spoken with him.  I start with one question and 
end up with a lot of valuable information and help.

I would also like to thank Lois Conway for her valuable help with answers 
to my many questions.  Her book is the number one resource for me in my 
bread machine baking - The Bread Machine Magic Book of Helpful Hints.

The Honey French Bread recipe that was posted here and also appears in 
Donna German's first book is wonderful!  I must say I used the recipe and 
then followed BM Magic's information for baking French Bread in the 
oven.  The bread has been the favorite in my house of all the breads I have 
baked (I'm the whole grain fan - they are the white bread eaters).  But I 
must admit that it rivals my favorite whole grain Swedish Rye and 
Cranberry Orange loaves.

Did anyone else experience living on bread alone when they first got into 
bread baking?  How do you get over that?  I keep trying to eat a balanced 
diet, but right now my diet is missing the top 2/3 of the food pyramid!  
Help!  It is because I want to try all the things I am learning how to do 
and then I am not hungry for anything else!!!  I do give away a lot of 
bread, and have frozen a little!

What are some favorite pizza dough recipes??

Thanks!!!!!  Angie