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Wanted rcp for Lebanese bread

"Donald & Sally Taylor" <EC34@SDSUMUS.SDSTATE.EDU>
Sun, 04 Feb 1996 12:20:05 -0800
Dear Bread Bakers,

I've baked bread and rolls since I was ten.  Over time I have
read countless books and recipes, but there is one I still
am not sure how to reproduce.  Perhaps one of the readers knows
the answer to my inquiry.

I have a feeling the recipe is simple.?  Anyway, thirty years ago,
when I was a young bride,we lived and worked in Lebanon.  It
was there we were first introducded to two varieties of bread
that we came to love.  One we called Arabic bread which folks
in the US know as "pita".  The other was a very thin bread called
"mountain bread".  You could put anything in a mountain bread
sandwich: like Laban or Lebni (I can't remember which, but the
one that is thicker than yogurt), meats, veggies, jam etc.
Then roll it up and eat it something like a taco, but not quite.
As I recall the mountain bread's texture is different, it is
thinner and approximately 20 inches in diameter.

When we would buy a spit roasted chicken, they did not put it
in a heavy foil lined bag, they would wrap it in a piece of
mountain bread.  You then used small pieces of mountain to break
off the chicked.  It was great!

Once when we were up in the mountains, I saw (from a distance)
it being baked over an open fire.  It was baking on top a metal

I hoping there is someone who reads this that will be able to
give me some ideas on how to make Lebanese mountain bread.

Kartini in SD