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La Brea Bakery recipes

Wed, 31 Jan 1996 07:35:12 -0500
I've just bought Nancy Silverton's "Breads from La Brea Bakery" solely to be
able to make her famous chocolate-cherry bread.  After reading the recipe and
thinking about my life, I wonder if I'll be able to do this more than once.
 Specifically, the directions call for the following time commitment:
Day 1:  work bread dough for approximately 15 minutes, then let it sit for 2
Then refrigerate for "8-12 hours"
Day 2:  Leave dough out until it gets to room temperature (an hour?).  Proof
dough 3-4 hours.  Bake 1 hour.

Unless you're able to do the first step at night, it's hard to refrigerate
for only 12 hours.  Will anything odious happen if the dough is refrigerated
18 hours?  Does a longer refrigeration period simply mean the dough takes
longer to get to room temperature?

Many of her breads have a rather complicated time element, and I'm trying to
figure out what leeway the home baker has here.  All comments and suggestions
are welcome.  Thanks, Laury Epstein, new subscriber