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Re: #61 Angie Fox questions

Sun, 28 Jan 1996 09:58:10 -0500
- -----Programmable machine?....yes the Zojirushi S 15 is programmable.
- -----Substitute for Butter/oil etc?....I just use applesauce.  It's quick,
easy and I buy the little tiny packages made up for school lunches so I don't
have to open a huge jar every time I need a Tablespoon or so.  I use the same
amount of applesauce as oil/butter called for in a recipe.
- ----- preferred yeast?...I prefer Red Star Active Dry Yeast which I buy in
bulk from a natural food store for $2.50 a pound., but many of my friends
prefer the Red Star Instant found at wholesale warehouse type stores such as
Sam's. I believe it comes in a 2# (double pkg.). I rarely use the Rapid Cycle
so just find the Active Dry Yeast fine for me. 
- -----warm spot for dough? ....I usually just put the dough into my electric
oven with the light on... Seems to be about the right temperature as is.
 When I teach classes and don't have any idea what ovens I will be using, I
bring along my electric heating pad. I set it on low or medium and put the
dough which is covered on the heating pad to raise.   Another place...don't
laugh.... is when I'm using a clay cooker. I put the dough in the cooker, put
hot water in my sink, and "float" the dough filled clay cooker (covered with
non stick paper and plastic wrap so it doesn't dry out) into the sink.
 Doesn't take long to have the dough rise. Set it in very gently.........so
it doesn't sink!!!  Yes, it works... I do it all the time.  
- ---why all-purpose flour in books?  ...You have to be really careful with
books (my opinion) as some authors only use King Arthur all-purpose which is
very HIGH in gluten and doesn't compare to store-bought all-purpose.  End
result can be very poor if YOU are using the store-bought all purpose and a
recipe written by an author who uses King Arthur all-purpose.  To be sure,
read the first section of the bread machine cookbook to get to know your
author's preferences?   Some recipes call for all-purpose because the end
result tastes better using it or the bread will rise TOO high if you use only
bread flour.  I have some recipes that take both all-purpose and bread flour
to control the rise.  One recipe I use almost daily (because it is my
husband's very favorite) is found in Bread Machine Magic book of Helpful
Hints and is called French Extraordinaire. It calls for only All-Purpose
flour. (grocery store-brand qualilty is fine) It tastes like real European
French bread.
- -----Great books?  Well if I had to buy only ONE book and I have well over 40
or 50, I would again purchase a little inexpensive one that I mentioned
earlier called Bread Machine Magic Book of Helpful Hints by Lois Conway and
Linda Rehberg. It covers so much:  a comparison of brands of abms (which was
another of your questions), converting your old bread-by-hand recipes, hints,
extra good recipes, of course but more than that, it is such a valuable book
for any little problem that comes up especially for the new bread maker .  I
suggested to one manufacturer that if they put a BBMHH book in every bread
machine they sold, they would have a lot less returns, and many more happy
customers. Don't know if they listened to me or not?   
- -----make a Banneton at home? ...You can use a basket and a piece of linen
cloth, cut/sewed to fit.. well rubbed with flour.  I purchased an Oval Coiled
Brot Form which makes the little circular flour marks on the top of European
loaves from my local European Baker. It was about 1/3 less than if I had
ordered it through a catalog.  Maybe you might find a baker nearby who would
be willing to  sell you one of his surplus supply?  
- -----Slash the top of the loaf?  Yikes!  I'm afraid too, but I've found if I
have really BEATEN up my dough before putting it into a shape to rise, it
takes the slashing very will without deflating.  I slash at an angle rather
than straight down. If you want to spend MONEY, King Arthur catalog
1-800-827-6836 sells  a "Lame" which is a very sharp blade/with a handle for
making the cut.  I just use a sharp (new) razor blade.
I know there are more questions, but hope this helps you a bit?
Bev in Mn